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Your Car's Battery: How to Help it Last Longer and Avoid Issues

by Ali's Woodinville on 06/13/18

Summer is a fast approaching and tends to be tough on most of your car's systems, especially since folks tend to be out driving more often and taking more long trips. It's the heat of the Summertime that causes the most complications, and for your battery it's the same, but it usually comes from the need for more electrical components to be utilized.

Turning up the music, pumping up the air conditioning, and plugging in other devices puts strain on the battery and is the reason why car battery issues are just as likely in the Summer as a harsh Winter. Here are some ways to ensure the health of your battery headed into Summer, and also some things to look out for and how to get it checked.

You can help keep your battery running longer by:

1) Driving the car consistently. Running the car regularly keeps its health up in a number of ways, and definitely allows your battery to experience a consistent level of charge. If you have two or more vehicles, make sure one doesn't sit for extended times and gets some regular "work."

2) Keeping from draining the battery by using the car while its off. Make sure to unplug your phone charger cable or any other extra electrical device while the car is off. When you park and turn the engine off, try not to use the radio, or headlights for more than a couple of minutes before getting the car started again. These can lead to premature drainage of the battery life.

3) Making sure the battery is clean and secured properly. Check that it is braced properly and does not lift or wiggle in its spot. There are straps or metal bars in some cars that might even screw down. Make sure it's snug. Also, make sure there isn't grease, dust, or dirt collecting on the battery. Keep it clean.

You might also check if there are any stains or corrosion on the battery. That could be an indication that there is some sort of leak. Definitely check the terminals are fastened correctly and that there isn't any extra corrosion or much white powdery buildup. 

4) Get Regular Maintenance for the Car. Of course we were going to say it, right? Just about any "auto tips" article really means that if you're not sure, get it to a mechanic you can trust. If you're not sure that your mechanic has checked the battery during your oil change or service, feel free to ask specifically about it. We can check the charge rate and test it to find about where it's current battery life is at. Also, regular maintenance for your car and care for your engine helps to prevent overloading the battery in general, which can shorten battery life.

If you notice any funny smells or any weird activity of the battery indicator light, get it to a mechanic as soon as you can. The battery may seem like a small part of the car, but it can cause a breakdown far faster than many other faltering systems can. Check out your battery, and ask a mechanic you trust to check on it too. And if you don't have a mechanic you trust, it's time to find one---like us! If you live in the Bothell, Woodinville, or Kirkland areas, come see Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair. We hope these car battery tips help!

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