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Summer is coming, get your tune-up done NOW, Woodinville!

by Ali's Woodinville on 05/20/13

Summer is almost here, and yeah, we've sure been flirting with warm, sunny weather all Spring--which is great!  When the nice days really start to string together, you'll want to make sure your car won't slow you down.  That's why May and early June are a great time to get your car looked at. You stand to save a bit of money on fuel if your car is properly functioning, not to mention you can prevent being stuck on a long road trip, by the side of the road in the hot sun.

Most drivers simply don't have an auto repair shop that they trust.  This makes it easier to procrastinate on factory recommended servicing, every 30,000 miles, and also on oil changes, brake checks, etc. Shops like ours at Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair hope to show folks out there that, with proper maintenance, we can save you money.  We might have to see each other and get your car looked at a little more often, but it can save you a ton of money over the big repairs.

As the summer approaches, we'd urge you to get your car into us and see why we've been showing folks that we offer Auto Repair to Woodinville drivers that makes sense.  We will look your car over and make sure that it is caught up on all servicing, and giving you the best fuel efficiency, right down to the air in your tires.

To back us up, we have an article you can link to and read at:  The main idea is that we want to keep your car efficient, and with the long-trip summer driving ahead, now's as important a time as ever to get caught up. If we may, we'll simply quote them, so you know we're not making this stuff up....

"The power necessary to start your car starts with clean gas and air in the cylinders. This is where the combustion takes place which is initiated by the spark plugs. If any part of the combustion system, such as the fuel injectors, air filter, or fuel filter becomes clogged, or if the spark plugs become corroded, engine performance and gas mileage will decrease. Typically, a trained mechanic will check the air and oil filters when you take your vehicle in for a service. To keep your vehicle operating at maximum efficiency, it important that you follow the manufacturers' recommended replacement schedule for fuel filters, PCV valves, and spark plugs.

To sum it up simply; a car tune up along with regular maintenance will help maximize your vehicle's reliability, engine performance, and gas mileage capabilities. It will also give you the peace of mind to know that your car is ready when you are to head out on that long awaited family vacation."

It's true!  We want to get our Kenmore WA Auto Repair customers in tip-top shape for the road ahead.  We want our Bothell Auto service folks to know they can trust us. And, we need the folks looking for a good Woodinville mechanic to know that we will do everything right down to the air in your tires, and noting the condition of your windshield wipers to make sure you know we are looking out for you and your car!

Happy Summer driving.....come see us soon!  ( for an appointment before our schedule fills up!)

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