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7 Spring Car Care Tips: Upkeep following the tough winter months.

by Ali's Woodinville on 02/28/15

Spring is almost here! Give your car a “spring cleaning” by helping equip your car for the upcoming season. Below are 7 tips to make sure that your car keeps running and you avoid unnecessary costly repairs down the road. Let's get your car a few much-needed checks after doing such a great job of enduring the tough winter months. As usual, it definitely helps to have an auto service shop that you really trust, to give a professional set of eyes to look over this stuff (we love to help our customers with this kind of thing!).

Tip One: Have your engine and your transmission analyzed to see if any components need servicing. Your engine and transmission keep your car running. Routine checks and fluid changing can prevent costly overhaul down the road. 

Tip Two: Have your hoses and belts inspected. Because of the winter weather you may end up with dry, cracked or worn belts or hoses that need to be serviced or replaced. Replacing damaged belts or hoses before they break is critical. 

Tip Three: Check your tire wear and tire pressure. The cold weather conditions of winter and road salt can cause your tires to be under pressured and your tires worn or bald. Have both of these checked regularly to keep your car running smoothly and safely. 

Tip Four: Have your cooling system checked. Spring is almost here- you want to make sure that your cooling system is ready to go. A cooling system repair, flush or fill can increase your car’s performance. 

Tip Five: Test your wipers, filters, and caps. With the changing seasons your window wipers can rust or dry out- you want to examine them to make sure that they are properly working. Air filters can get dirty and cracked and need replacement. Check your radiator cap and your gas cap to make sure they are tightly secured and ready for the new season. 

Tip Six: Have your brakes examined. All the wet weather can ware on the brake system and create a safety issue. Have a professional verify that you have proper fluid levels as well as well working lines, hoses, and pads. A brake fluid flush is a yearly recommended service that can improve the function of your brakes

Tip Seven: Service your car plugs and battery. During the winter weather your battery and plugs work extra hard and may need to be replaced. Have them tested now before they shut down and cause a costly breakdown. 

Get your car ready for the changing weather today and help keep your car running smoothly and safely into spring and beyond.  Also think about including an emergency kit in your vehicle in case of hazardous situations. The kit should include a warm blanket, gloves, flares, flashlights and chains.

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