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Signs and Warnings that Your Car Needs Transmission Repair or Service

by Ali's Woodinville on 10/24/16

Are you having trouble with your car’s transmission? Chances are that at some point your car will need transmission services of some kind—either a small repair, full-servicing, or maybe even a rebuild/replacement. Transmission repair for any type of vehicle can be tricky and complex. If you suspect transmission troubles your car should be inspected by a professional auto shop that has transmission experience, like Ali’s Woodinville. But how do you know if your car issues have to do with the transmission? Below are some indicators that your vehicle is having transmission troubles:

1) Problems with your gears. If your car will not shift into gear, or if it starts slipping out of gear your transmission may be having troubles. As you change gears your car should respond promptly, and when your car shifts it should not be jerky. As soon as you notice gear problems then you will need to get your transmission inspected right away.

2) Strange smells or sounds. If your transmission fluid starts to smell rank or burnt you may have an issue with overheating in the transmission. Also the transmission may be having issues when it starts to make unusual sounds like grinding or buzzing.

3) Fluid leaks or discolored fluid. If you notice excessive leaking or the transmission fluid is cloudy then there may be a problem with your transmission or a leak in your system.

4) The Warning Light is illuminated. When a dashboard is activated in your car it is your vehicle’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Don't get in the habit of ignoring these lights. If you have a transmission or check engine light you will want to pay attention to any other signs that your transmission is having issues.

It is extremely vital that you not ignore transmission problems and to get your transmission repaired right away, as soon as you notice the signs of problems. Having your transmission serviced before it completely brakes down is key and may save you thousands of dollars. If you notice any of the issues outlined above bring in your car to a good transmission shop, like Ali’s Woodinville. We are happy to work with you and inspect your transmission for any issues. If your transmission needs service or repair, there is no better place for you—we are prepared, experienced, and ready to fix the problem. Give us a call today!

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