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Our Woodinville Auto Repair Shop -- Truly Family Operated!

by Ali's Woodinville on 06/22/13

Two years ago this month, KOMO news ran an article about Stephanie Valencia, the daughter of Alirio Valencia, owner of Ali's Bellevue Auto Repair, as well as Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair. Here is the link to the article you can read for yourself: 


At the time, Stephanie was working within the Bellevue Shop, but soon after, she was sent to head up the new shop in Woodinville.  Stephanie is never one to "toot her own horn", but all of us who work with her know that she has a unique and special story.  The article outlines the rarity of a female working in a male-dominated profession and even how outnumbered women are in the attendance make up of Wyo Tech -- a well-respected year-long course for auto technicians. Only 20 women out of 3,000 in attendance!

Two other great conclusions are to be drawn from Stephanie's story though.  ONE of them is the concept of "family-owned and operated".  Clearly, Ali and his family have a real passion for auto repair AND great auto service. Ali and Stephanie are not the only relatives within the business, so it's safe to say that there is a commitment to quality auto repair in Woodinville, Bellevue, and surrounding areas like the kind of quality Auto Repair Kenmore and Bothell will come to trust.

The other great point to be made is this: When you bring your car in to Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair, you are often greeted by Stephanie at the front desk. But, you now know that it would be foolish to believe that she is a mere receptionist or service-writer.  Stephanie Valencia will know as much about how to diagnose and fix your vehicle as any of her (or any shop's) technicians----she may even have had to help with her hands that "can get into small spaces" on your vehicle.

Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair---Family owned, family operated, HIGHLY EDUCATED, and very dedicated to serving you and your vehicles!

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