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Make Your Brakes Last Longer with These Helpful Tips

by Ali's Woodinville on 07/17/17

We've written about brakes on this blog before, but it was more about the importance of brake checks. We also covered what to look out for, so that you can bring your car in to the brakes checked and serviced or repaired before a more extensive repair is needed. In this post though, we wanted to share some tips or helpful habits for making sure your brakes last as long as they can. Eventually, you will need pad replacements and some repairs, but some simple guidelines can have you avoiding those services for as long as possible.

1. Avoid Stopping from High Speeds

Nothing kills brake life faster than stops from high speeds. Of Course, there are times when you must brake at high speeds, when an unexpected slow down or hazard is in the way. The effects are exponential when it comes to stopping from higher speeds. For instance, stopping from 65 mph actually requires 30% more energy to be dissipated by the brakes. Some of the other strategies below can help to keep this from happening as often.

2. Look Up, Plan Ahead

Planning ahead and practicing great defensive driving can help you prepare for obvious slow-downs and keep your pace more smooth. Your eyes should stay focused on what is happening down the road as well as right in front of you. Stale green lights turning to yellow and also car backups or slowdowns can be seen and you can at least take your foot off of the accelerator early enough to keep your speed lower for your possible stop.

3. Get Good at Coasting

We've already been alluding to it, you will want to coast more before you get to stop signs and stop lights, so you won't need to brake as much, if you aren't going too fast to begin with. Small changes like this to drive more smoothly can actually have a noticeable result.

4. Lose the Extra Weight

No, we're not talking about dieting, we're talking about your carload. It may not seem like much, but if you are carrying a trunk full of stuff you don't need to have with you, then you are making it harder on your brakes. It's also a strain on your tires and your fuel efficiency. Long-term, you must also remember that the overall weight of the vehicle will also affect the brake life---so, choose your next vehicle wisely and keep it as light as you can. Savings will be found in longer lasting brakes.

5. No Left Feet Allowed!

So, this isn't a problem for most drivers, but if you (incorrectly) taught yourself to drive while using your left foot to brake (sometimes or always), then you gotta break that habit. Please, only use your right foot, as it will avoid pushing both pedals simultaneously---which is a fast brake pad killer! On top of that, it can be a safety issue if brake lights are coming on when you're actually accelerating. Do it the right way---No Lefties!

As always, we hope these tips will help you to stay ahead of car issues. If you are in need of inspections or brake repairs, then don't procrastinate. Local auto repair shops like ours will always try to save you money and keep you educated on what needs to be done or how much time you have. If you live in the Woodinville, or Bothell, or Snohomish areas and don't have a mechanic you trust, than we would be happy to have you here at Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair for brake repairs or ANY automotive need!

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