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Improve Your Pickup Truck's Fuel Efficiency

by Ali's Woodinville on 02/01/16

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, fuel costs are your most variable on-going expense. We have little control over the cost of fuel, but we can save ourselves money at the pump by using gas effectively. This is especially important for pickups because they tend to be less fuel efficient than cars and other smaller vehicles. Saving yourself some cash on gas can be as simple as following a fuel economy tips. Below we have outlined some easy ways to save money at the pump and to be more efficient about the resources you use.

1) Remove the extra weight. The more your truck is carrying the more fuel it uses while it is running. If you do not need it on or in your pickup take it off—you'll see your gas tank go a bit longer.

2) Maximize your driving efficiency. As with any car; planning out your trips prior to leaving and finding the best routes can help save you gas—and time. Also remember to check the traffic on your selected route before you get stuck in a back-up.

3) Avoid unnecessary speeding and accelerating. As your pickup travels at higher speeds your fuel efficiency goes down because of the increased resistance made by air. Also try to accelerate slowly as quickly revving your engine burns fuel quickly.

4) Choose synthetic oil. Even though synthetic may be slightly more costly at the onset, it reduces the friction of the moving parts helping your engine to perform it’s best.

5) Do not add large tires and keep your tire pressure at the recommended psi. Having larger tires will cost you more money. The bigger tires weigh more than standard tires and thus take more power (and fuel) to make them work properly. Bigger tires also makes your truck less aerodynamic which also leads to a larger fuel usage.

6) Stay away from lift kits. When your pickup’s body sits higher there is more wind resistance as you drive. Lifts may look trendy but they will cause your truck to spend more at the pump. 

When you are looking to make cost-effective decisions with your pickup truck, or any other vehicle that you own, choose Ali’s Woodinville Auto Repair for your regular maintenance and repairs. We are locally based, family owned and have the extensive experience to conduct repairs and maintenance to any type of make or model of vehicle. Give us a call today!

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