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Child Car-Safety Tips: Car Safety for your little passengers.

by Ali's Woodinville on 07/19/15

As commuters potential hazards on the roads are something that we have to deal with every day. When you drive a car you are looking to get from one point to another- safely. Safety is especially important when you consider our littlest of passengers. Injuries from motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in kids and babies- and sometimes the severity of these injuries can be avoided. 

We can’t prevent accidents but we can take every precaution to not only keep ourselves. but our child passengers safe in cars as well. Below are tips that will help the little ones stay safe in an emergency situation:

1) Infants should always be in a backwards facing car seat. A rear facing car seat should at least be used until the baby is older than one year old and is over twenty pounds. Check your car seat specifications- some car seats can be rear facing for much longer. 

2) Ensure your infant car seat is installed correctly. If you have questions about installing your car seat read your owner's manual or ask a car seat expert.

3) Have your child in the appropriate sized car or booster seat. Up to about 57 inches tall and 80 pounds your child should be in a booster seat.

4) Ensure the seat belt is securely buckled. Seat belts save lives of both children and adults. They are there to keep the rider secure. If it is not buckled- you are not secure. 

5) Check the position of the seat belt before every ride- and make sure the seat belt is snug. This may not be the most comfortable for the child but in the event of a crash a properly placed seat belt keeps them in place. 

6) Children always ride in the backseat. Kids should not sit in the front seat until they are at least thirteen years old. A child whom sits in the front seat may be thrown into the windshield or onto the dashboard during a crash. A child could also be hurt by force of the air bag inflating.

7) Check the expiration date on the car seat or booster seat- and do not use a seat after it has been involved in a crash. Every seat will have an expiration date because the material can start to wear over time. If the seat is expired- do not use it. 

Children can be our most precious cargo- it is important to protect them because they are not old enough to understand potential risks.  We are Ali’s Woodinville Auto Repair; we are a local, family owned and operated business. If you have any questions about car safety give us a call. You may also want to consult the particular child passenger safety regulations for our state and others.

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