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Car Tips for Commuters: Do it better, or At Least Cope With It Better.

by Ali's Woodinville on 10/25/15

Seattle and Bellevue area traffic is known for being treacherous- especially during the commuting times. If you use your car to commute to work every day (especially from the Woodinville and Snohomish areas where we are at) you are among the many folks that are in their cars all the time. The constant use is not only hard on your car but can be a major headache for you. Looking to make your daily commute more manageable? Below are some tips that may save you money, time and keep you from stressing out.
1) See if you can carpool or telecommute a couple of days a week. Even with a one day a week carpool or telecommute you are saving gas, wear on your car and saving yourself some time that you are not driving.

2) Look at the traffic before you leave your home. Being aware of traffic hazards before you start your commute can save you time and gas—as well as stress. If there is a major backup, construction or accident check to see if you can alter your work times for the day or take a different path to work. 

3) Know the alternate routes. Being knowledgeable on the many ways that you can get to your destination will help you easily divert your course when needed. 

4) Avoid getting pulled over by obeying driving laws. Besides, being an incredibly tense situation, getting cited will cost you money and may raise your insurance rates. Try not to speed! It may seem like it will save you time but speeding can end up costing you and could cause a dangerous situation for yourself and other commuters. Drive safely, wear your seat belt, use a hands-free device for your phone— even a small infraction can get you pulled over.

5) Save money on gas. Fill up at gas stations in cities that offer cheaper gas. You can even download a gas price app or look at gas prices online at websites such as GasBuddy or GasPriceWatch.

6) Keep your car regularly maintained. Regular auto service and tune-ups will not only help you avoid major breakdowns but can keep your car running efficiently. Keeping your car serviced will also help you extend the life of your vehicle and minimize the time that your car is broken down.

Following these tips to maximize your commute will make your everyday drive a little less tedious. If you have any questions about other tips to make your drive smoother or other ways that you can take good care of your car to keep it on the road with you give Ali’s Woodinville a call!

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