Might your car finally be due for a new timing belt? Have you had it checked at all recently? You won't want to wait until it's too late. Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair is your local affordable expert and we are prepared to inspect and, if necessary, handle your timing belt replacement

Our mechanics will first listen to and examine your timing belt, and determine if it will actually need to be replaced. The process may require us to take larger parts of the vehicle apart in order to access and replace the belt. We do our best to inform you about other components that can be replaced or repaired as a preventative maintenance while we have the car apart. This can save a lot of time and money.
Your car's timing belt is absolutely vital to the engine's operation. It is important to replace the belt before it breaks.  If broken it can ruin your engine and the cost of an all new engine can total your vehicle and is certainly not an expense most of us are ready to bear. Replacing your timing belt must be done at some point, but relax, it only needs to be handled every 50K to 90K miles. There is a lot of labor involved in this job, but the it's well worth the cost in preserving your engine and saving you money down the road.

Ali's shop has the latest technology and specialization to provide Timing Belt Replacement Bothell are folks need. It's an extremely short jump over to our shop and we promise to be on of the most experienced and knowledgeable shops around. We'll handle all makes and models of car or truck, so go ahead and make your appointment for any out repair and/or a timing belt check.
  • Timing belt replacement should occur every 50K to 90K miles (your car's manual will have specifics).
  • Cracks or degraded bets must be replaced.
  • All tensioners, seals, and sprockets should be replaced as well---it's the responsible way.
  • Consider replacing the water pump simultaneously even if there is no problem with it---this will save you time and money as it will be easy to access.
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