Are you seeing big clouds of smoke coming from your car? Is your car making excess noise? Are you hearing a hissing sound? You may have a muffler issue.  
Bothell Muffler Repair Shop
Noisy, rusty, or damaged muffler? Bring your car or truck to Ali's and we'll take care of it!
Ali's can fix any car issue but we have specialized training in proper muffler diagnoses and muffler repair for Bothell. We are proud to work on a wide range of vehicles- not limited to SUVs, cars, and trucks. We diagnose and replace mufflers Bothell drivers can rely on everyday.  If it happens to be a separate area of the exhaust system, we have the diagnostic equipment and experience to find that out as well. We always work to give you a comprehensive picture of what's going on and what needs to be fixed!

If you think your muffler is having an issue bring in your car and we will help with anything your car needs. Call us today at 425-420-1630 and we will provide affordable, expert diagnosis and professional muffler repair or replacement. 

Your muffler is part of your exhaust system and limits the amount of noise from your engine. Muffler problems are the most common issues from a car's exhaust system. Mufflers are a series of tubes that have holes. The vehicle's muffler is designed to decrease sounds and lessen the noise from the engine. Ali's can diagnose and fix your muffler repair issues today!
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