Time for an emissions test? In order for you to able to renew your car or truck's tabs, then you have to take your car through a Washington State emissions test every other year (after your car is five years old). Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair is certified repair shop that you can rely on if your car has failed its emissions test.
The repairs you get BEFORE a possible failed test, would not count toward your total waiver amount (which is $150). Instead, if you fail your test, then get repairs that total the waiver amount (or more) with a certified auto emissions repair shop, your car will be "waived" (an automatic "pass" grade). It will be fine, even if you still have a check engine or other warning light on. This order of operation will give you and your family the most options, whether you want the car fully repaired or not.

Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair is here for you and your car or truck if you failed your test and need emissions repairs in Snohomish WA. We're ready for you, so call us at 425-420-1630.
If you already have a "check engine" light on, it might not seem to make sense, but the best way to handle the process is to FIRST go get your emissions test and fail. THEN you should call to schedule your appointment with us here at Ali's Woodinville.
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NOTE: WE DO NOT DO EMISSIONS TESTING, We do certified repairs after emission test failures.
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