Like we said, we can do the simple brake pad replacements for your car or truck, but if you are gonna need work on your rotors, calipers, etc. we do all the work you need right here at our Woodinville shop. Allow us to be your consultant and help you save money, but also get the right repair at the right time. You definitely want to replace the brake pads long before they are a risk of wearing out completely. 

Some cars can burn through brake pads in as little as 10,000 miles, and other times you may be able to get nearly 50,000 miles out of them. DO NOT GUESS. Get your brakes checked by a professional like us. We have the experience in brake repair that shows as we go through the process of looking into your brake fluids, your hydraulic system, and examining your drums, rotors, and discs for wear. Ali's will have the right solution and the most cost effective approach to getting you back on the road safely.

If it has been 20,000 miles or more since your last brake check or repair, and you hear a squeal or squeak coming from your brakes, please do not hesitate---come in for a free brake check. We plan to show you the level of expert brake repair Woodinville WA drivers are trusting, using, and recommending to their neighbors.
  • When you hear any squealing from your brakes.
  • If there's a grinding sound or feeling when you brake.
  • If you notice that you must press to the floor to brake.
  • You've gone a year or more since the last brake check.
  • Your car has travelled 20,000 miles since the last brake check or brake repair.
The signs that it's time to get your brakes checked out:
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Brake Checks in Woodinville
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Whether you have a car or truck, come to Ali's Woodinville Auto Repair for a free brake check and any brake repair Woodinville area drivers may need. In fact, when you bring your car to us for ANY repair or service, we make a point of letting you know how much brake life is remaining on your current brakes. If it turns out that you need new pads all the way to full brake replacement, we can handle it for you. Not sure if it's time for a brake check? Here are some other ways to know if you might need to get your brakes checked:
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